About NCS


Nyein Chan Su, mostly known as NCS, belongs to a new generation of  Burmese artists who have a very eclectic and versatile style. He was  born in 1973 in Rangoon and studied at the State School of Fine Arts  from 1994.  NCS’s narratives and images require the viewer to enter them  as an active reader – on one level, it is the visual narrative of  people, time and place, on another level, it calls to mind that very  little has changed. His works invoke the futility that, despite  “change”, Myanmar’s society continues to be plagued by red tape, which  NCS so subtly describes as a thin red vein that delicately meanders  through his pictures.

He says: “Changes are only on the surface,  in other words – there is no change, no improvement, no feeling of  security in our minds, souls and emotions. In reality there still is no  equality, justice. We continue to be plagued by “red tape” bureaucracy  as we survive on faint hopes for a brighter future.”

NCS has  participated in several shows inside Myanmar as well as in Japan, Hong  Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.  His participation in the 1999 Fukuoka  Art Triennale in Japan launched his international art career.

He  is equally renowned as a painter as well as a performance artist and for  his video installations. A founding member of Yangon’s Studio Square  Art Gallery, Nyein Chan Su is widely regarded as one of Myanmar’s most  promising mid career artists.

In 2001, he received a Certificate  of Recognition from the ASEAN Art Awards and in 2004 he was the second  prize winner of the Myanmar Contemporary Art Awards. Nyein Chan Su’s  artworks are in the permanent collections of the Singapore Art Museum,  the Fukuoka Art Museum as well as in private collections in Europe and  Asia.